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October 2013

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Family life Pumpkin art for little fingers I t's Halloween time and jacko-lanterns will soon be lining the streets. Your children are begging to have one on your front porch, too. Of course you want to join in the fun, but with big, sharp knives and delicate cutting skills required, you are left wondering how your kids can take part in the activities. If your children want to take control of this project, here are some little-finger friendly ideas! Paint With washable paint, have your children paint on black triangles for the eyes, nose and mouth. Afterwards, wrap some old Christmas tree 10 Hudson Valley Parent n October 2013 kids go crazy painting and repainting their Halloween pumpkins. Glitter lights around the pumpkin for an indoor decoration that will light up. Washable markers Baby wipes will take mistakes right off the pumpkin! If your children want to decorate pumpkins that are staying indoors, or you don't want their creations to be permanent, try this option. Let your Apply craft glue in various patterns or stripes across your pumpkin. Sprinkle glitter or sequins over the pumpkin for an easy and beautiful decoration. Spider pumpkin Have your child paint their pumpkin black for this original twist to pumpkin art. After the paint dries, add two googly-eyes, cut a circle out of white craft foam for the mouth. Glue on pipe cleaners for legs! Don't forget, spiders have eight creepy-crawly legs!

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