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12 Hudson Valley Parent n March 2014 By THERESA NARVESEN Month 1 S leep. As a new parent, it's about as easy to find as a pot of gold at the end of a rain- bow. I have never ever been so sleep deprived in my entire life. When I was pregnant, I always said to myself, "I get up really early for work, so I'm sure I'll have no problem getting up when the baby cries or needs to be fed." Wrong! This is a completely dif- ferent ball game. I can barely even open my eyes when I hear her whim- per or cry. Sometimes I think I'm dreaming. Then the cries get louder and more persistent and I return to the harsh reality that it's 3 a.m. My eyes are barely open as we stum- ble out to the living room to grab the breastfeeding pillow and sit in the dark. I start to fall back asleep, head bobbing from side to side, feet propped up on the ottoman, praying she has the quickest feeding of her tiny existence. This same pattern of falling into a restless sleep, getting jarred awake at all hours of the night and not being able to function carries on for weeks. What gives?! Then I remember the simple ad- vice given by multiple friends: Sleep or relax when your baby sleeps. It's genius! I used to be on edge and unable to fall asleep when she finally did. I used to think 5 p.m. seemed like a ridiculous time to grab a quick catnap. Nowadays, you couldn't pay me enough to not sleep or take a break when my daughter goes down for the night or a nap. I have learned to relax and just be. Even if I don't actually fall asleep, I take some time for myself and de- compress. I read a book, check email from my phone while laying in bed, or catch up on some TV. On days when I have nowhere to go, I soak in the quiet of my apartment and take some "me" time. I know this all may sound selfish to some, but believe me, I need it. As much as I love time with Chloe, I've come to savor these moments of alone time. When I finally realize this process works so well for me, I start to gain (Continued on Page 14) Diary from the trenches My first 3 months as a new mom Theresa Narvesen documented her first six weeks of motherhood for the December issue of Hudson Valley Parent. Now she has returned to chronicle her first three months of life as a new mom to daughter Chloe.

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