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14 Hudson Valley Parent n March 2014 '#+ % ! " $ " !$ '')"" " !"'.! 634.565.3236 $!" %%%*!" # "* # ,#!" )&" "+!#(- ** # " #'21.24/ #'26.#*1 . "%.% !!!!$ 7.3' !3.12* % %# Wappingers Falls | PreK-5th Grade Come play with us this summer! R A N D O L P H S C H O O L CAMP 845.297.5600 W e e k l y T h e m e s R o c k e t s C o o k i n g S c u l p t u r e W o o d w o r k i n g P u p p e t s C a l l o f t h e W i l d a n d M o r e . . . a whole new perspective about my role as a mother. It's OK for me to take a time out, or to even ask for one, when I'm tired or things get to be too overwhelming. Relaxing for me doesn't always mean I'm sleeping or my feet are up. Chloe and I will sing silly songs and dance around the living room. I will make silly faces at her while lying on the floor during tummy time. Month 2 Chloe cries and she cries often. I know other children do this as well, so I know I'm not alone here, but have mercy! It can be really hard to determine what she's really crying about. It takes time to know all the different sounds your child makes, and believe me, they make a lot of sounds. A cry from a baby you just can't calm down is enough to send anyone into a frenzy. The first few weeks after I had Chloe, we weren't familiar with each other yet. When she would cry, my first instinct was to feed her. I quickly found this wasn't always the case. Maybe she's tired. Is she hurt? What's bothering her? Man, I wish babies could talk or communicate! There were many days I cried right along with her be- cause we were both so frustrated. I rocked her while walking in a circle around the kitchen and living room. I laid her down in her sleeper and moved it while I sang. I gently swayed her while she was over my shoulder, then lying in my arms, then facing out. I tried to swaddle her and she would somehow become Houdini and find her way out of the swaddle. I tried everything! Then I read an article about how much babies love white noise, so I downloaded an app onto my phone. I soon discovered it's hard to rock a crying child while holding an iP- hone just to have her hear a swish- ing noise. While searching the app, I noticed one of the suggestions was the sound of rain. Do babies really like this? Well, it wasn't raining that day, so what should I do? I'm now about to reveal to you a secret I'd only share with you ... and the rest of the Hudson Valley, of course. This is my gift to you: I run the shower! I can't tell you what a gift this has been. My bathroom has no windows, which makes it nice and dark. I turn the shower on to create that white noise effect she so loves, and I hold her against my chest while gently rocking her. She's sound asleep within 10 minutes. I'm DIARY FROM THE TRENCHES (Continued from Page 12) Theresa's favorite "selfie" with Chloe. "There are so few pictures of the two of us together!" There were many days I cried right along with her because we were both so frustrated. randolph school camp summer camps science through art camp

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