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Page 14 of 45 n Hudson Valley Parent 15 Warm, Child Friendly Atmosphere Children with Special Needs Welcome! Specializing in Children from Infancy to Teens Emergencies Treated with Courtesy & Kindness Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation and general anesthesia available W e take pride in providing quality, individualized, and personal care in a truly warm and friendly environment. 465 E Main Street Middletown, NY 10940 (845) 343-8212 BRACES AND INVISALIGN FOR CHILDREN, TEENS, AND ADULTS. Dr. Pachter is a Board Certifi ed Orthodontic Specialist and a Premier Preferred Provider for Invisalign. not kidding. There are some days where it's a little bit longer, but it works every single time. She lays her head and hand on my shoulder and relaxes. The best feeling is when I feel her hand slip down my arm. Even when I know she has drifted off, I will rock her for a few extra minutes just to be sure. As moms, we all know how frustrating it is to think your baby is sleeping, but as soon as you lay them down ... well, you know the rest. Month 3 I had been waiting for Chloe to start making sounds other than just a little coo. Our pediatrician tells us that Chloe will soon start laughing and making extra sounds. Well, enjoy the silence, mommies. Chloe now sits beside me yelling for no reason other than to hear her- self. As I'm writing this diary, she is setting next to me. Yelling. She has been fed, she has been changed, she has a toy with her, and we are hanging out. She is just yelling with enough volume to make me wish I invested in some earplugs. Where is that cute little laugh again? Sadly I haven't found a cure for this problem or a way to stop it. Ba- bies just yell. I try to keep her mind and hands busy when I can so she has something to focus on. And by "something to focus on" I mean not testing how many decibel levels my ears can take. (The answer is: not many.) I keep her occupied on her activ- ity mat for a few minutes, and this usually makes her forgetting about yelling. Other friends of mine have children that also yell, so I guess I don't feel like I'm a horrible parent because I can't get my child to stop shouting for more than five minutes. If you find foolproof remedies to get your little one to stop screaming, let me know! Theresa Narvesen is a proud new mom to her first child Chloe. pachter orthodontics pediatric dentist pediatric dentistry dolson avenue dental

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