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26 Hudson Valley Parent n March 2014 to rely on nonverbal or shorthand forms of communication. Myth #4: All twins must be delivered via c-section. This is false. While approximately 75 percent of twins are delivered via caesarian, there is typically no medi- cal benefit to delivering multiples this way, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Moms of twins with optimal health and position of the baby can certainly choose a natural delivery. As a first time mom of twins, I had planned on a natural birth and so did my doctors. Howev- er, plans changed and I delivered via c-section when we discovered one twin was in jeopardy. Myth #5: Twins really should be separated in school. This is false. Every set of multiples is different. Ethel Resso, owner of Noah's Arc Preschool in Saugerties and an aunt to twin nieces, says it depends on the child. "Twins find security in each other, even if they have different personal- ities," she says. "Entering preschool and even kindergarten is a huge change, and the more outgoing twin might pull the quiet one along. Once they are older, it is good for them to have their own space." Myth #6: Having twins is more work. I guess this depends on the parent you're asking. I've only ever had twins, so I feel like I'm not able to separate the work of parenting from the work of twins. However, Amanda Doty of Sau- gerties is a mother to two sets of twins and a singleton. She has plen- ty to compare. "It is funny because my first experience as a parent was with twin girls, so it was all I knew! BENJAMIN DANCYGIER, D.D.S. JENNIFER BLAIR, D.M.D. KORLEI MENSAH, D.M.D. offi /VALLEYPEDIATRICDENTISTRYPC /VALLEYPEDDENT GPLUS.TO/VALLEYPEDIATRIC 845.226.8577 1557 ROUTE 82 HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NY 914.245.7100 3630 HILL BLVD, STE 401 JEFFERSON VALLEY, NY TWINS (Continued from Page 25) (Continued on Page 28)

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