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Page 4 of 45 n Hudson Valley Parent 5 GALLERIACRYSTALRUN.COM 1 Galleria Drive Middletown, NY 10941 845.692.8883 %VVMZMRK 1EVGL RH get ,STTMRK for )EWXIV We make family shopping fun & easy! Get proactive with probiotics Family life I f you're familiar with probiotics, you probably know the "good bacteria" found in yogurt and pickles are associated with good di- gestive health. But the health benefits of probiotics are more extensive than just improving digestion. Experts now say probiotics can potentially help you develop a stronger immune system and reduce stress. Gut health The human gastrointestinal system has the all-important job of digesting food and absorbing nu- trients. These tasks are managed mostly by bacteria and not by your own body. Foods and supplements that replenish important bacteria are called probiotics. Immunity Your gut system is exposed to lots of dangerous bacteria, molds and fungi. A vast majority of your im- mune defenses are right there in the gut. Probiotics can help keep these critical defenses functioning properly. Stress management Have you ever experienced "butterflies" in your stomach? This sensation isn't just in your head. When you're stressed, your digestive system suffers as a result. But new research shows that probiotics can potentially alleviate these symptoms. Article provided by State Point Easter bunny holiday shopping

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