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14 Hudson Valley Parent n May 2014 in parenting, but Goldstein believes many of the same issues remain. "I was looking at old magazines the other day, and I was struck by how the same issues that resonated then resonate now as well," she says. "We published a story written by a pediatrician about Hillary Clinton's approach to national healthcare — and we're still having conversa- tions about the best way to pro- vide healthcare on a national scale today!" But while many of the same stories still exist, the tone in which they're told has changed. "We recently ran a piece about a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer," Goldstein says. "It was heartbreaking and told in a very straightforward way. I don't think we would have been able to publish that 20 years ago. We are all more willing to share our personal issues now, whereas years ago we tended to keep them under wraps." Goldstein's business model has undergone similar shifts, though her modus operandi has remained the same. "Twenty years ago, everyone worked in our office," she says. "While we always tried to accommo- date everyone's needs, they still had to be here. Now, technology enables me to have two of my key employees — the editor and graphic designer — work from home." Goldstein says she's had to change her mindset about how workplace communication is conducted, but ultimately it has allowed her to pull from pools of talent that would have been unavailable without those changes. "The Hudson Valley is a wonder- ful place to live and run a business," she says. "At Hudson Valley Parent magazine, we aim to present a local point of view for parents who are interested in really being parents." And it's not just a magazine, of course. Hudson Valley Parent's Facebook page has more than 3,000 followers. "It's vibrant, noisy, engaged and very different from the magazine," she says. "People come to us for different reasons at different stages in their lives." Goldstein's various businesses continue to thrive while supporting a team of full- and part-time employ- ees in a family-friendly workplace — proving that women really can "have it all." We just have to work for it. I AM A HV PARENT (Continued from Page 13) The first issue of the re-named Hudson Valley Parent featured a portrait of New York's then- First Lady Libby Pataki, painted by Clayton Buchanan, Goldstein's husband of 27 years. The portrait currently hangs in the Women's National Republican Club in New York City. February 1996: Hudson Valley Parent features an exclusive inter- view with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton to promote her new book, "It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us." November 2003: Hudson Valley Parent introduces Vida Y Familia Hispana, a special section featuring stories geared to Hispanic readers. The magazine published this section for three years. July 2005: Health Care Heroes is first introduced. Readers nominated local medical professionals. This annual issue was the precursor for the current Favorite Docs Awards. December 2012: Hudson Valley Parent debuts the first issue of its Favorite Docs Awards. Each year, parents nominate their favorite health care professionals throughout the Hudson Valley. December 1995: This was the first cover where we featured cover kid winners from our annu- al cover kid event. On the cover are Jessica Gerlach, Jonathan Giordano and Jamila While.

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