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38 Hudson Valley Parent n May 2014 'HOLYHULQJ 6SHFLDO(GXFDWLRQ with &RPSDVVLRQDWH&DUH Serving children ages 5-21 • NYSED Funded Certifi ed Program • Strong Teacher/ Therapy Collaboration • Integrated Assistive Technology +D\HV'D\6FKRRO3URJUDP IRU6SHFLDO&KLOGUHQ 3374 Franklin Avenue Millbrook, NY 12545 decision not to introduce technology to their children just yet. "I know this isn't typical of every family, but we decided we wanted our kids to be plugged into each other and life around them versus a virtual world," she says. At this point in time there is very limited scientific evidence on tod- dlers' digital play and its effect on development, mainly because not enough time has passed since the proliferation of touch-screen devices for most studies to be completed. However, "Toddlers on Technology" offers information from a neuropsy- chological point of view and also summarizes some of the studies that have been done. This is a valuable resource for parents who want to dig deeper into this topic. The key to raising digitods, ac- cording to Summers, is maintaining a healthy balance. "Too much screen time isn't good for anyone, including teenagers and adults," she says. "What a child needs is a balanced day, filled with physi- cal activity, playing with friends and engaging in imaginative play." Summers goes into much further detail on this subject in the book, 'DIGITODS' (Continued from Page 37) Top 10 recommended apps for toddlers Wheels on the Bus Interactive Alphabet Puzzle Me Tally Tots Toddler Tapping Zoo Kids Tapping Zoo It's a Small World After All Goodnight Moon Colorforms Revolution Monkey Pre-School Lunchbox — from "Toddlers on Technology"

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