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24 Hudson Valley Parent ■ September 2015 āąĈƫ'!ƫ0.!!0ƫđƫ!31.#$Čƫƫ 845.446.4076 Most insurances accepted, including Anity, Fidelis, Medicaid, Medicare, and TRICARE. PEDIATRIC URGENT CARE !0ƫ%*ċƫ!0ƫ+10ċƫ!0ƫ!00!.ēƫ āąĈƫ'!ƫ0.!!0ƫđƫ!31.#$Čƫ 845.563.8000ƫđƫ#$2"$ċ+.# Top-rated, '% ġ".%!* (5ƫ! %(ƫ .!ƫ"+.ƫ(%"!Ě/ƫ(%00(!ƫ "UH-OH" MOMENTS $!*ƫ(%"!ƫ%/ƫ%*0!..1,0! ƫ5ƫ)%*+.ƫ %*&1.%!/ƫ* ƫ%((*!//!/Čƫ0.1/0ƫ+1.ƫ ! %0.%ƫ.#!*0ƫ.!ƫ0+ƫ!ƫ0$!.!ƫ "+.ƫ5+1.ƫ")%(5ċ KIDS ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY! đƫ% ġ".%!* (5Čƫ.%*#ƫ,! %0.%ƫ/0ûƬ đƫ.+),0ƫ.!ƫ%*ƫ+1.ƫ*1.01.%*#ƫ* ƫ $,,5ƫ ƫƫƬ đƫƫ#.!0ƫ(0!.*0%2!ƫ0+ƫ0$! !)!.#!*5ƫ.++)Čƫ* ƫ*ƫ/2!ƫ 5+1ƫ/%#*%ü*0ƫtimeƫ* ƫmoney HOURS +* 5ƫġƫ.% 5čƫĈ)ƫĢƫĊ,) 01. 5čƫĊ)ƫĢƫĆ,)ƫ 1* 5čƫāĀ)ƫĢƫă,) CONVENIENT 4,.!//ƫ!#%/0.0%+*Ƭ % ġ.%!* (5ƫ0)+/,$!.!Ƭ ! %0.%ƫ0ûƬ *ġ/%0!ƫ$.)5ƫĒƫ %+(+#5Ƭ ,% ƫ+.0+.5ƫ!/0%*# Evan Hershkowitz, DDS, MPH 1001 Route 376 • Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 We'll make your child's dental visit playful, fun, & stress-free! • Specialize in infants through adolescents and children with special needs • General anesthesia available in our fully-equipped suites • State-of-the-art facility offering the latest technology Ahoy, Matey! Come Sail the Seven Seas with a Smile! changes in appetite, and difficulties at school. These symptoms can indicate that a child is working too hard and needs a change of pace. Take a break Young athletes who train year- round are more prone to injury, says Marci Goolsby, M.D., assistant sports medicine physician at New York City's Hospital for Special Surgery. Adequate downtime between sea- sons allows tissues to rest and repair. She recommends a minimum of two weeks off; a full month is ideal. Sign language Early detection and treatment are important to recovery, says Micheli. Parents should be aware of the signs of injury and act quickly. Any pain that doesn't disappear within a day or two should be evaluated by a doctor. Signs of concussion are especially important to recognize, because they can be subtle and are sometimes masked by other symptoms. Brain in- jury can cause confusion, headaches, ringing in the ears, confusion, nausea, and lack of responsiveness. Concus- sions sometimes go unrecognized for weeks, says Dr. Micheli. If you sus- pect one, see a doctor immediately. Screen for safety Many sports programs are encour- aging athletes to take part in pre-inju- ry screening that helps identify brain injuries and rate their severity. The most widely used is the ImPACT test (Immediate Post-Concussion Assess- ment and Cognitive Testing), devel- oped in the early 1990s by doctors Mark Lovell and Joseph Maroon. When the test is taken before an injury, it provides a baseline for eval- uating cognitive performance. After a concussion, the athlete's recovery SAFER SPORTS (Continued from Page 22)

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