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26 Hudson Valley Parent n July 2016 has been difficult, but dealing with the opinions of others has been just as hard. Those differing opin- ions have also forced her to change pediatric offices on several occasions because of doctors who were not open to her decision. "This subject brings out the worst in people because it's a heated subject with differing opinions," she says. "But...If your kid was allergic to milk and everything you read says that your kid needs milk, what would you do? You probably wouldn't give them milk and you'd find other ways to keep them as healthy as you can. You have to recognize that giving that child milk isn't the right thing to do." she adds. Communication is key Although there is a set immuniza- tion schedule, Dr. Schiskie says that some providers will work with the parents if they have concerns or if they need a slight amendment. "We've worked with patients who go off schedule, but we make sure their child still gets the vaccines," she says. "Listen to the person that you are entrusting. Talk about what your concerns are and come to an understanding together for your child's treatment plan." Lisa Iannucci is a Poughkeepsie freelance writer who is a regular contributor to Hudson Valley Parent. Visit us at or call 845-895-2051 Visit us at or call 845-895-2051 Locations in: Locations in: Wallkill - Milton - Highland Falls - Maybrook Wallkill - Milton - Highland Falls - Maybrook Community First. We're Different Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan, EDQNLQJWKDWSXWVFRPPXQLW\¿UVW WKDQRWKHUEDQNV :HWUHDWeachFXVWRPHUZLWKFDUH 3URYLGLQJJUHDWIHDWXUHVPLQLPDOIHHV DQGDGYLFHWKDWPDNHV\RXIHHODWKRPH VACCINES (Continued from Page 25) For more information: The Centers for Disease Control - parent-questions.html National Vaccination Immuni- zation Center -

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