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Page 12 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 13 "Bullying is most often a low-lev- el form of aggression," says David Levine, director of the Teaching Empathy Institute in Stone Ridge, adding that it is often demonstrated by someone with poor social skills in an attempt to get their needs met through anti-social behavior. "While we may think of it mostly as a physically violent act, the more common form is what is known as emotional violence. Teasing, put- downs, name calling, veiled threats [and] exclusion are some examples," he adds. Watching for signs With the ever-growing social media platforms, it's important for parents to understand that bullying doesn't just occur during school hours or at after-school at activities as it has creeped into online as well. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, text messaging, and email sometimes offer open invitations for bullies to target your child. If your normally happy-go-lucky kid starts displaying anti-social or depressive behaviors – even if it's just barely noticeable – you may need to step in and find out what is going on. Since bullying isn't always physical, there is often an emotional toll. "Parents must listen carefully and compassionately to their children," Levine says. If children report that they are the targets, he suggests that parents record the incidents and "We must all have the same conversation that it is everyone's right to feel safe both physically and emotionally." DAVID LEVINE Director of Teaching Empathy Institute (Continued on Page 14) Visit us at 845-895-2051 Visit us at 845-895-2051 Back to Basics Locations in: Locations in: Wallkill - Milton - Highland Falls - Maybrook Wallkill - Milton - Highland Falls - Maybrook Community First. Saving is a lesson that is never too early to learn! Interest Bearing Accounts Holiday Club Accounts Money Market Accounts &HUWL¿FDWHVRI'HSRVLW Individual Retirement Accounts NMLS# 404992

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