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Page 14 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 15 How does your family deal with bullying? Part of the reason we're ho- meschooling starting this year is because of [the] unresolved re- lentless bullying of my son who was 7th grade last year. It's been an ongoing problem for years. —Allison Turner I tell my girls to just ignore and walk away. If you act like it bothers you, they will bother you more. Confidence is a big part of standing up to bullying. —Barbara Marshall I tell my son to just ignore it, but that doesn't always work. Last year my son got upset about the bullying. He used to like going to school. Not any - more. Eventually I will take him out and homeschool if that is possible. School should be a safe haven. Sadly it is not! I am sick of it all. I was bullied as a child and it will never ever end. —Pamela Schmidt I think bullying begins before school does in many cases. For younger children, teaching them to be assertive and to respond with a clear and loud 'no thank you' when they are being treated in ways they don't appreciate (like when a child takes their ball or pushes in front of them in line) can go a long way toward building self-esteem. I also believe in teaching children that this is one case where tattling is the right thing to do. By walking away and finding an adult to report to, you starve the bully of the attention they crave. —Abbey Daly HVP Chatroom Ask a designer or visit for details. Sale going on for a limited time. ©2016 Ethan Allen Global, Inc. S P E C I A L S A V I N G S G O I N G O N N O W NEWBURGH THE BELLS' AN AUTHORIZED ETHAN ALLEN RETAILER ROUTE 32 94 NORTH PLANK ROAD 845.565.6000 E XPERIENCE T H E VA LU E O F: PER S O N A L SERVIC E INCREDIBLE VA R I E T Y PR EM I ER I N - H O M E DELIVERY SPECI A L FIN A N C I N G O P T I O NS R EM A R K A BL E QUA L I T Y S T Y L E T H AT L A S T S

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