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4 Hudson Valley Parent n March 2017 ON OUR COVER In this issue COLUMNS FEATURES 5 Marketplace: Hudson Valley products and services 6 Editor's Journal: Time to plan for camp BY SARA DUNN 18 Mindfulness: New habits for the home BY KATHY WALSH 32 Calendar: Great places to go and activities to do 8 I am a Hudson Valley Parent Lindsey Shute: Future of farming BY PAUL SMART 10 ME Time: Just for moms Six tips to improve health and wellness BY BRILAH HARRIS 14 Medical marijuana for children? Doctors explain the benefits of cannabis being used in pediatric medicine 16 St. Pat's Day for all A list of original and fun activities a family can do together whether you are Irish or not! BY PAM MOLNAR 22 My favorite book! Hudson Valley mom's share their kids' favorite books 24 Prenatal massage The benefits of getting pampered during pregnancy. BY STACEY LUTZ 28 Sexual assault and silence What children should be taught about speaking up after the unthinkable happens. BY LINDA FREEMAN This month's cover kid is Jonas Fierro from Campbell Hall who was 10 months old when he sat for this portrait. Now, more than a year old, Jonas's favorite activities include looking through his story books and playing with his toy car. His mom, Lia, said that he's always on the move and his favorite phrase is "Go, go, go!" Photo by Michael Bloom HV PARENT READER FEEDBACK How do you feel about the use of medical marijuana in pediatric medicine? I don't understand why anyone would be against it being used medically to help a child. It's helped so many children with life-altering conditions. — Nicole L. All for it. It's not like it's getting kids high. All of the properties... that cause the high are removed and just the [part] with the medicinal prop - erties, is given to them. Wouldn't a parent rather have a child's seizure treated with something natural rath- er than with countless pills or IVs? I believe in modern medicine, too, but I believe there's a lot to be said for the benefits of medical marijuana (for all ages). — Jennifer E. When you have witnessed a child go through a seizure or you are living with a child who has a life-threatening disease or condition, you will do anything to help that child, if this helps or treats then I am all for it. We have to stop seeing medical marijuana as the same drug as recreational marijuana. Muscle relaxers, pain pills, oxy can be mis - used, but under doctor supervision these things also help and treat. So can medicinal marijuana. — Katie A. If it helps a child, to take their pain away or feel better, why not? — Allison K. $4,450 in giveaways announced in this issue

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