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30 Hudson Valley Parent n May 2017 Mark Mark M di di Suve Suvero, ro, Pyra Pyra ramidi midian an, 19 , 1987/1 87/1 8 998. 998. Gif Gift of t of the the Ral Ralph E ph E ph . . Ogde Ogde Ogden Fo n Fo n unda undation tion. ©M . ©Mark ark di S di Suver uvero, c o, court ourtesy esy of t of t of he a he artis rtis t t an t an and d d Spac Spac Spac Spa etim etim time C. e C. e C C. © C. © C. ©Stor Stor Storm Ki m Ki m King A ng A ng rt C rt Cente enter, M r, Mount ountainv ainv a ille ille, Ne , New Yo w Yo w Y rk. rk. rk. rk. NEW THIS YEAR! ˏȇȌȦȈȅˏȼˏˏȍȦȏ STORM KING YOUNG EXPLORERS ˏˏ Ȓ ˏȆȅȦȆȊȓˏ ˏȆȍȦȇȆˏˏȼˏˏȆȅȦȆȊ PROJECT WRITE ˏȇȊȦȇȎˏȼˏ ˏˏ THE ART OF SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION STORMKING.ORG/SUMMERCAMP By SARA DUNN O ne might describe the late Loren Pope, a former educa- tion editor at the New York Times, as the grand master student of higher learning. In addition to his journalistic work, Pope took it upon himself to visit and explore many of the less- er-known colleges in the country. He became a great advocate of students choosing a college based not on prestige or rankings, but on ele- ments tailored to what would benefit their interests, pursuits and goals. He penned several books on the subject, with the final one being "Colleges That Change Lives." Pope believed that Ivy League schools and large state universities didn't necessarily provide the best education for students. Smaller can be better In the book, he describes how un- dergraduates can go largely ignored at larger universities, as there is little incentive for professors to teach them and that due to large student populations, advisors didn't know that much about individual students. Also included in the book is a brief analysis on why Ivy League schools might not encourage the risk-taking This book could change your child's life Students invited to learn about lesser-known colleges that is integral to developing minds. "Judging the quality of a college by the grades and scores of the freshmen it admits is like judging the quality of a hospital by the health of the patients it admits. What happens during the stay is what counts," Pope wrote in the book under a section titled "Why You Can (and Should) Ignore the Rankings." Pope also wrote that the colleges listed in the book far exceeded national averages in the number of their graduates who were accepted to medical, dental, law and graduate schools. Polly Castor of Fairfield County in Connecticut says that the book

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