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Page 20 of 39 n Hudson Valley Parent 21 Have you prepared? Well, of course you've prepared. You've gone down the Google rabbit hole and out again with all your research. But have you prepared your kids? "Adults are always researching and rehearsing for a trip in our heads, or we've been there already and know what to expect," says Aileen Walsh, a child and family therapist from Accord. "We forget that kids aren't part of the internal rehearsing we've done." Show your child pictures of where you're going, and draw connections to past experiences to give them personal ownership of the trip. My daughters enjoyed browsing snapshots of past visits with my parents and watching videos about the attractions at Universal Studios, so they could make a list of their "must-do" rides. "Consider holding a family meeting before you leave," advises Walsh. "Talk about problems you've had on past trips and brainstorm how to deal with possible bumps in the road. Identify what the familiar elements might be, so kids can draw on their experience and picture themselves doing well in that situation." While you're packing your bags, make sure you throw in some appropriate expectations, too. "I don't like to use the word 'vacation'," says Christina Vazquez of New Paltz. "Think of your trip as an 'experience' or an 'adventure' and accept that there will be ups and downs, that it won't be perfect and that's okay." Castle's ocean-loving daughters were excited for vacation, but she and her husband had trouble seeing past the potential challenges. (Continued on Page 22)

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