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26 Hudson Valley Parent n October 2017 The next step is seeking social support, making time for yourself or seeking professional therapy. "Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in particular is the gold standard for anxiety reduction," Dr. Buchwald says. "CBT is an active, solution-focused type of therapy that helps people learn to identify and change their thoughts associated with worry and teaches coping skills to manage anxiety symptoms." Mothers can also learn techniques for modeling ways of coping with fear or anxiety for their children. Dr. Buchwald says that children of anxious mothers may be more prone to developing anxiety themselves because of both genetics and the behavior they see modeled, but that mothers who are aware of their anxiety can actively help children overcome it. "Not only can she be more understanding when their children feel uncomfortable but they can also help them practice skills to build their confidence early in life," she says. "I had one patient with social phobia who encouraged her children at a young age to make eye contact, talk to new people, and speak on the phone so they would grow up feeling confident in situations that had made the mother uncomfortable." Validate your fear and move forward In Emily's case, she had a particular fear of her child falling while she walked down the steps. Dr. Pierre-Louis says the first thing she did was validate that fear - she acknowledged that it is reasonable for a mother to be concerned about her child falling and injuring himself. But then she and Emily talked about the steps Emily had taken and could take to prevent her child from falling, such MOMS WITH ANXIETY (Continued from Page 25) as wearing a baby carrier and holding onto the railing. Then, Emily visualized herself walking down the steps with her child while breathing deeply and focusing on the task at hand. Two weeks later, her anxiety had lessened considerably. "Her feelings make sense," Dr. Pierre-Louis says. "She was able to protect this baby and carry the baby inside her for nine months, and now the child is out in the world and she doesn't have as much control." Those validating techniques can work for partners or family members of mothers with anxiety. "First and foremost, family members can listen to what parents are going through and offer reassurance that many people feel similarly," Dr. Buchwald says. Offering to help with daily task to give the mother a break, like babysitting or running an errand, can also bring welcome relief. If the problem does not seem to be getting better, Dr. Buchwald recommends encouraging the mother to seek help. "Mothers don't need to suffer with anxiety," she says. "Anxiety is highly treatable and people can learn ways to feel better." *Name has been changed. The Hudson Valley Center for Cognitive Therapy can be visited online at EMBRACE Therapy can be visited online at Elora Tocci is a freelance writer born and raised in Newburgh. She is a public affairs associate at Citizens' Committee for Children of New York. Breathing deeply and focusing on the task at hand can lessen anxiety considerably. Independently Owned and Operated Poughkeepsie Plaza 2600 South Rd Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Do the Math: Discipline & Structure + Martial Arts Training + Convenient 6:30 Pickup It adds up to a great alternative to a standard after school program We are on a Spackenkill School Bus Route!

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