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Page 10 of 43 n Hudson Valley Parent 11 Windsor Dental Center 375 Windsor Highway, Ste. 400 New Windsor, NY 12553 845-565-6677; Condos to Castles Cleaning Inc. PO Box 22 Millbrook, NY 12545 845-891-7392; Windsor Dental Center offers comprehensive dental care all in one office, performed by our highly trained specialists. When you visit, your smile and comfort are our top priority. Commercial and residential cleaning services. Whether you need one-time cleaning, or on- going service for your property or rental, we tailor a plan that meets your needs. Call today for a friendly, no-hassle estimate. Condos to Castles Cleaning Inc. Turn your kitchen scraps into a valuable resource Don't throw your kitchen scraps in the garbage! Create a compost pile with them and make your garden glow this spring. Erik Schellenberg, natural resources educator with the Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County, insists that composting is a simple way to turn your scraps into the good stuff that your garden needs. To start, he says, "You need a good mixture of what we call 'browns and greens.' Greens are the things like vegetable scraps and lawn clippings and things that add moisture. Browns are things like dead leaves that will add carbon to your compost pile." You can start your compost pile in your kitchen, but Schellenberg says that this method won't last long. He warns, "Many people start with a container in their home and then get turned off to the whole process when it starts to smell. You shouldn't leave your scraps indoors for more than a day." Compost piles need ventilation. Schellenberg suggests taking your compost outdoors and creating a well ventilated area using wooden pallets or even woven or welded fences. Patience is key with composting. "If you want to speed up the process, you can mix your pile and water it, but that isn't necessary. By just adding layers of browns and greens you will have a beautiful pile of the most beautiful top soil in a year," explains Schellenberg. "People pay good money for stuff like this!" Worried about attracting wildlife to your compost pile? Schellenberg assures there is a way to avoid unwelcome guests. "Don't add meat scraps, fats or bones to your pile and you will be good." Interested in getting started? Join the Cornell Cooperative Extension for a backyard composting event on April 14. home & hearth

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