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24 Hudson Valley Parent n April 2018 summer morning when my twins were just about two years old, I was pushing them on the swings in our backyard when it hit me that kids their age spend most of the day inside. I decided then to homeschool them for as long as they would let me and that homeschool did not have to be a final choice, but one I could assess year to year. Homeschool allowed my preschoolers to enjoy full days of play without the pressure of academics. We spent hours at the local parks, took advantage of library programs that included painting, stories and music and we traveled to kid museums. My kids learned their ABCs and 123s in real time and not from a worksheet. They were so eager to By ROXANNE FERBER M aking the choice to become a homeschool family is a very personal decision. I have friends who homeschool to keep their kids safe from violence, some for religious reasons and some enjoy the extra time with their children. For me, homeschooling provided my daughters and I with enriching experiences and amazing adventures. The decision to homeschool I really had no intention of homeschooling Camille and Nora. It seemed like a whole lot of work and I worried about feeling isolated. A constant list of pros and cons ran through my head as well as criticism from friends. One beautiful learn I almost could not keep up with their need to know more about animals, the ocean, art and science. As much as I loved it, it wasn't always easy balancing the terrible twos (and threes) alongside lesson planning and managing a home. Each school year had its struggles and adjustments, but for us nothing was more difficult than transitioning from homeschool to public school. Trouble with transitions My children began their first year of public school in kindergarten. Our first obstacle was adjusting to an entirely different schedule. We had a tight routine at home and our learning was constructed around our daily rhythm, but we Roxanne Ferber's twins were enthusiastic about learning as homeschool students. They learned through hands-on activities such as this trip on a Spanish fighting ship. Their transition to public school eliminated outings like this and left them feeling frustrated. The transition to homeschool and back again Twin mom shares her successes and failures on her journey to public school (Continued on Page 27)

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