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28 Hudson Valley Parent n April 2018 N othing is better than a happy kid! Moms couldn't wait to show us super cute pictures of their smiling little ones. Their smiles were contagious and we couldn't help but smile when we saw these kids beaming! From the youngest baby's toothless grin to an ear-to-ear smile, we love them all! Thank you to our Biggest Smile sponsor Windsor Dental Center for being a part of this year's contest and for making so many smiles in the Hudson Valley as nice as these. To help you keep your child's smile shining bright, Dr. Steven Stern from Windsor Dental Center gives parents the dental health tips he swears by. These happy kids have the Biggest Smiles! Sponsored by WINNER! Marco, 2, Newburgh TOP 10 TIPS FOR HEALTHY SMILES FROM DR. STEVEN STERN 1. Brush from an early age. Start brushing with an over-the- finger brush or a soft-bristled brush as soon as the first tooth begins to erupt into your child's mouth. 2. Don't put your child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup. Milk, formula, juice and sugar water can form decay if allowed to remain on teeth. 3. Take your child to the dentist after their first tooth comes in. Dentists can discuss preventive planning and ensure teeth are erupting normally. 4. Be a role model. Have them watch you brush and explain how you brush. 5. Consider sealants for your children's teeth. Sealants can help prevent cavities and having fillings done. 6. Eat healthy foods. Avoid sugary drinks and foods to help overall health and prevent cavities. 7. Floss. Most cavities form in between teeth. A toothbrush cannot reach between two teeth, only floss can. 8. Eliminate gummy candy. Gummies, junk food, soda, and sports drinks are loaded with sugar that stick on and between teeth. 9. Fluoride plays an important role. Regular use of fluoride toughens the enamel or your teeth, making it harder for the decay-causing acid bacteria to penetrate the tooth's surface. 10. Spend time doing fun things with your child. Show off your children's beautiful smile by spending time having lots of fun and laughing with your children often.

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