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4 Hudson Valley Parent n April 2018 ON OUR COVER In this issue FEATURES 8 I am a Hudson Valley Parent Kristen Brown shares the importance of farming with her family and her community BY PAUL SMART 10 Me Time: Just for Women Chemical free cleaning hacks and three other home and hearth tips 14 Real Talk Learn how to start tough conversations and keep your teen drug free BY DR. PAUL SCHWARTZ AND PATRICE ATHANASIDY 16 13 Top Camps Army camp, tennis and science…oh my! Choose from the best camps 20 Is bedtime a nightmare due to bedwetting? Find out when it's time to call the urologist and what you can do to help your child sleep through the night without an accident BY MICHELLE PETERSON 24 Navigating a tough transition from homeschool to public school Kindergarten twins, Camille and Nora, struggle to make the switch from hands-on learning to the rigidity of a classroom setting BY ROXANNE FERBER 28 Biggest Smile contest winner revealed! See some of the happiest kids in the Hudson Valley 30 How birth order can impact your personality Moms reveal the strong personalities of their firstborns and the free-spirited nature of their youngest and how it affects their parenting BY LISA IANNUCCI 32 Grab your towel and water wings! What to expect during swimming lessons for every age BY CASSIDY BRIGHTON 34 Calendar Spring festivals, Earth Day celebrations and teen programs 42 New Mom Comic Who knew one little tooth could cause so much trouble BY ALISON WONG This month's cover kid is Janessia, a 14 year old student at Faith Christian Academy. She is an aspiring makeup artist and loves her math and Spanish classes. She was photographed at a British Swim School pool in Newburgh. Photo by Michael Bloom HV PARENT READER FEEDBACK We asked moms: Do you think your birth order has affected your personality? Yes. I'm the oldest and I was constantly told I had to be responsible and set an example. I distinctly remember being told upon the birth of my sister that I was no longer a baby (I was 2.5). My parents were harder on me than they were on my other two siblings. They had higher expectations for me. — Mary Ann M. I'm the baby and I fit the bill! — Sarah G. Yes, for sure. I am the oldest child. I had to be responsible for my siblings and was held to a higher standard with grades and behavior. I have always been the "fixer" in my family, taking care of things and solving problems, being a shoulder to cry on. My siblings were allowed more freedom. — Christina G. I'm a middle child and after reading some attributes of middle children, I guess it has! I am a team player, a great negotiator, risk taker, sociable, a peace-keeper and loyal. — Amanda S. Yes and now I see it with my girls! The last born is as flippant and as much of a risk taker as I was. — Tina B. Yes, I'm the oldest. I had strict rules. I was very focused and driven and always wanted to do everything myself. My brother is 7 years younger and had totally different expectations. — Nikki R.

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