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Page 26 of 35 n Hudson Valley Parent 27 The inhaler she uses to clear her airways now could lead to emphysema when she gets older. "The more I read the more difficult it is to swallow," Robinholt says. "My concern will always be her well-being." Kathleen feels comfortable with her allergies, though she admits the allergy tests are scary and make her nervous and she wishes she could try foods that everyone else eats. Luckily, she's got people around her that make the whole ordeal better. "She is glad she has amazing friends that always look out for her," Robinholt says. Message to other parents To other parents who may be grappling with similar challenges, Robinholt recommends remembering to breathe and take things one day at a time. "I believed when she was little that we would never see these allergies go, but with time comes physical changes within a person's body," Robinholt says. Several years ago, she spent every day planning out meals and worrying about the environments Kathleen would be exposed to and the potential dangers lurking in each one. "These days I plan activities and easy-to-grab snacks," she says. "Don't let the allergies lead your life; rather teach your child how to control their environment to get the best from it." It is in that spirit that Kathleen has refused to let her physical limitations stop her from doing the things she loves and from becoming an upbeat, positive kid. "She is quick to be kind to someone else and thoughtful about others' needs," Robinholt says. "I am thankful that we get to explore whatever new adventures come next for her." Elora Tocci is a freelance writer from Newburgh. As Kathleen grew, some of her allergies subsided. Though her allergies make life more complicated, she never lets it get her down. Helping people with challenges live the fullest life possible. If you're looking for supports for children and families... If you're caring for a medically fragile child at home... If you're working to recover... If you're working to be healthy... If you're in crisis or know someone who is... ...We are here to help 1-888-750-2266

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