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Page 12 of 31 n Hudson Valley Parent 13 through paperwork, appointments, and goals. Asking for help could also mean admitting that there's something "wrong" with your child and that can be devastating. It's okay to be sad and even angry. We all just want the best for our children. Dear parents, you did nothing wrong Jessica, from Middletown, recalls, "Oh, the guilt! I didn't realize my son was delayed. At his 2-year checkup, his pediatrician said, 'I've been noting some red flags. I'm pulling the trigger now and you need to get him evaluated'." Wappingers mother Christina recalls questioning if she had done something wrong or wondering if maybe she just hadn't been home enough to give her child what she needed. Take the time to go through whatever emotions you need to and come out stronger because you Some of the most common reasons for speech-language delay: • Expressive language issues: di culty expressing needs and wants • Receptive language issues: dif- culty understanding information • Apraxia: difficulty and inconsistency in articulation • Dysarthia: difficulty speaking due to muscle weakness • Hearing loss: partial or total hearing loss in one or both ears • Autism: difficulty communi- cating due to lack of interest and social unawareness or avoidance • Intellectual limitation: other developmental delays • A happy, safe and caring environment encouraging a child's physical, creative, and intellectual growth • Serving children of all abilities • Early and after care hours available Kathy Masloski, Director 845-883-5151 40 Park Lane, Highland, NY 12528 845-293-5600 228 Ward Street, Montgomery, NY 12549 AN INTEGRATED PRESCHOOL PROGRAM Learning Together, where children explore the world the way they learn best, through play! Singing lessons for all ages - preschoolers through teens " (845) 462-6209 A Suzuki Method curriculum. (Continued on Page 14)

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