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20 Hudson Valley Parent n November 2019 Beyond all that, college tours have been scheduled to learn more about schools of interest. Alicea's son wants to study political science in city school. Her daughter is look- ing at colleges where she can study psychology, play volleyball and cheer during football games. "I try to look at, what do we have to do next?" Alicea said. "They al- ways know what's going on. I'm like their secretary, guiding them." Outside activities round-out academics Jim Shuttleworth of LaGrange has always encouraged his daugh- ters, Amanda and Sarah Shuttle- worth, to do their best and develop a love of learning. His eldest will finish her degree program in De- cember, completing it a semester early. His younger daughter began her first year at Dutchess Commu- nity College in September, entering the school as a sophomore thanks to advanced and college-level courses COLLEGE (Continued from Page 19) she took at Our Lady of Lourdes High School in Poughkeepsie. "I didn't push early graduation; that was their choice," said Shut- tleworth. "I encouraged them to do their best and not slack off. I would suggest that if you do this, this might happen. If you take advanced classes, you might finish early." He also had them pursue their non-academic interests in theater and soccer, and often talked with them about what they wanted to do and how they planned on reaching their goals. "My job is to give them the tools to build a better life," Shuttleworth said. "What they do with them is up to them." Both girls attended their high school's college nights to get a sense of what was available, and the costs involved, took the SAT and ACT exams and scheduled college visits at favorite schools to experience the campus cultures. "If everyone (likes) blue and you like red, you're not going to fit in," Shuttleworth said. "It's not just grades. It's a life-enriching experi- ence." Karen Maserjian Shan is the edi- tor of Hudson Valley Parent. Amand Shuttleworth rounded-out her academics by taking advantage of a semes- ter-long internship with Sesame Street. High school students advise parents By TERRIE GOLDSTEIN I asked six high school seniors to share their advice to parents about supporting their kids as they leave high school. All the students are members of the Turtle Tracker program at Arlington High School in LaGran- geville in Dutchess County. This research team conducts projects to preserve the local population of the Blanding's turtles, which is federally classified as an endan- gered species. 1. Parents should support their kids based on what their kids want to do. Parents can voice their opinions but they shouldn't be rude about it. Your kids probably know what they want. Lots of times parents voice their opinions and their kids do just the opposite, so support your kids but don't push them. 2. Through school work and extra-curricular activities kids can figure out what they want. Parents should support their kid's efforts both in school and through their kid's outside activities. 3. Parents can help by introduc- ing their kids to people who are involved in areas that their kids are interested in. That way these outside contacts can give advice based on personal experiences. 4. When their kids are first en- tering high school, parents should encourage them to try di erent things, especially if they don't have an area of major interest. Don't force things on them. Just encourage them to broaden their experiences so they can figure out what they like. 5. Parents should encourage their kids to build relationships with their teachers. These teach- ers can become their closest allies and friends by time they graduate. 6. Parents shouldn't be the decision-makers for their kid but rather the person their kids go to for advice. Hear students talk about mov- ing on to college at college-advice and click on the video link. Thanks to Turtle Track- er advisor Tricia Muraco.

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