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20 Hudson Valley Parent ■ November 2015 āąĈƫ'!ƫ0.!!0ƫđƫ!31.#$Čƫƫ 845.446.4076 Most insurances accepted, including Anity, Fidelis, Medicaid, Medicare, and TRICARE. PEDIATRIC URGENT CARE !0ƫ%*ċƫ!0ƫ+10ċƫ!0ƫ!00!.ēƫ āąĈƫ'!ƫ0.!!0ƫđƫ!31.#$Čƫ 845.563.8000ƫđƫ#$2"$ċ+.# Top-rated, '% ġ".%!* (5ƫ! %(ƫ .!ƫ"+.ƫ(%"!Ě/ƫ(%00(!ƫ "UH-OH" MOMENTS $!*ƫ(%"!ƫ%/ƫ%*0!..1,0! ƫ5ƫ)%*+.ƫ %*&1.%!/ƫ* ƫ%((*!//!/Čƫ0.1/0ƫ+1.ƫ ! %0.%ƫ.#!*0ƫ.!ƫ0+ƫ!ƫ0$!.!ƫ "+.ƫ5+1.ƫ")%(5ċ KIDS ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY! đƫ% ġ".%!* (5Čƫ.%*#ƫ,! %0.%ƫ/0ûƬ đƫ.+),0ƫ.!ƫ%*ƫ+1.ƫ*1.01.%*#ƫ* ƫ $,,5ƫ ƫƫƬ đƫƫ#.!0ƫ(0!.*0%2!ƫ0+ƫ0$! !)!.#!*5ƫ.++)Čƫ* ƫ*ƫ/2!ƫ 5+1ƫ/%#*%ü*0ƫtimeƫ* ƫmoney HOURS +* 5ƫġƫ.% 5čƫĈ)ƫĢƫĊ,) 01. 5čƫĊ)ƫĢƫĆ,)ƫ 1* 5čƫāĀ)ƫĢƫă,) CONVENIENT 4,.!//ƫ!#%/0.0%+*Ƭ % ġ.%!* (5ƫ0)+/,$!.!Ƭ ! %0.%ƫ0ûƬ *ġ/%0!ƫ$.)5ƫĒƫ %+(+#5Ƭ ,% ƫ+.0+.5ƫ!/0%*# Orange Pediatric Care, P.C. "Quality, Compassionate, Personalized care you and your child will know and trust!" Orange Pediatric Care now open every third Sunday! Starting 9/20, followed by 10/11, 11/8, 11/29... We now have FLU vaccines available! Stay safe this winter and schedule an appointment today! 3206 Rt. 9W New Windsor, NY 12553 (845) 561-5227 301 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508 (845) 831-5995 Find us at & for Hours & Information Esopus Meadows Preserve 269 River Rd., Ulster Park. Open from dawn until dusk, seven days a week. You won't fi nd any meadows here: The name refers to the tidal fl ats, once a feeding ground for local livestock. But you will fi nd a network of easy trails, a brand new pavilion with picnic tables, and a pedestri- an-and boat-access-only beach with a great view of the lighthouse. Bring some binoculars along, as you may spy a bald eagle on the preserve as well. Franny Reese Park Macks Ln., Highland. Open from dawn until dusk, seven days a week. The Walkway Over The Hudson in impressive enough when you're on it, but it's even more impressive when you're overlooking it. That's the main attraction at Franny Reese Park, an impressive bluff perched above the western shores of the Hudson. There's 2.5 miles of trails to enjoy on your way to the view, as well as the ruins of an estate to pass by as well. ORANGE COUNTY Heritage Trail Entrances In Monroe, Chester, and Goshen. Open from dawn until dusk, seven days a week. WINTER TRAILS (Continued from Page 19) Esopus Meadows Preserve Photo courtesy of Scenic Hudson

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