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20 Hudson Valley Parent n March 2020 for some children. Many people are not fans of buffets, however, with the ever-changing likes and dislikes of a child's food palette, they can be helpful. For instance, my child, Abby, loves the buffet-style menu at the Pine Ridge Dude Ranch. For each meal she either goes for tradi- tional favorites, such as olives and goldfish, or tries something new. She also loves the dessert. Think of a child's sensory needs when picking where to eat. Some children need a quieter experi- ence, as loud noisy places can be overwhelming. I'm not suggesting a five-star, tiny bistro with a stroll- ing violinist playing Vivaldi as you casually dine. Just be aware of your child's sensory needs and challenges. If he or she is old enough, head- phones can drown out some noise and be attached to iPod or other music devices. Pack a busy bag. Not every special event or restaurant accommodates children. Besides, activity placemats can become tiresome. Many places EATING OUT WITH KIDS (Continued from Page 19) Courtney Mas' daughter, Violet, gets in the holiday spirit with striped candy cane. provide a packet of crayons, howev- er, some parents can practically hear the germs laughing and mocking them as the child touches the cray- ons and then proceeds to rub his or her eyes and face. Besides, siblings can bicker over them. If a bag is packed with items that everyone en- joys, mealtime can be more peaceful and less germy. Eating out with your kids doesn't have to be stressful. It can be lots of laughs for everyone. Just follow some simple tips. Hover your phone's camera here for a link to the region's kid-friendly restaurants. Erica Higgs is a local homes- chooling mom to her four-year-old mini, Abby. She is a blogger at and a local artist who loves seeking new adventures all around the Hudson Valley and beyond. Carol Trinchinato's daughter, Julia, enjoys a generously frosted cupcake with sprinkles at an outdoor venue.

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