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Page 18 of 43 n Hudson Valley Parent 19 I knew that other parents must need help." She started her business four years ago and advises parents to call a lice removal service as soon as you see the first bug. "The sooner you call the sooner nobody else gets infected," she insists. "It's going to get progressively worse." The process includes a treatment and two follow-up visits. "They also get homework on cleaning and combing out at home too," says Schmansky, who uses an all-natural shampoo based on peachtree and coconut oil, which are oils that lice hate. "It loosens up the eggs and makes them more active, so I can find them more easily." The removal process includes a combing that takes about an hour, depending on thickness of the hair and the severity of the case. Schmansky has seen extremely bad cases of lice. "Some people come to me with hundreds of bugs in their hair and I have to be careful not to get them on me," she says. She mentions that families where the dads are single parents or children do not get adequate family attention typically have it worse. "Right now the problem is everywhere and it's most important that the parents are aware of what's happening on their children's scalp," she insists. Lisa Iannucci is a local freelance writer. Her latest book, On Location: A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide, was released on February 1, 2018. In Partnership with the United States Patent and Trademark Oce T a k e H o me T w o R O B O T S T a T k H a N DS- O N S T E M F U N G r a d e s K – 6 CAMPINVENTION.ORG Multiple locations throughout the Hudson Valley! "some people come to me with hundreds of bugs in their hair."

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