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Page 18 of 35 n Hudson Valley Parent 19 anxiety. However, when I have the opportunity to make the introduction first, then the encounter becomes so much easier for everyone. Additionally, family and friends who don't visit on a regular basis could possibly be viewed as strangers. Even though you just want to pick up that adorable child and give them a great big squeeze, this interaction could be traumatizing. Instead of entering my child's personal space unannounced… Instead, let the parent re-introduce you, explaining how you're related and about the last time you were all together. Offering to talk about one of the child's passions like a character or hobby will also go a long way towards a meaningful re-connection. 3. His meltdowns aren't my fault When in full swing of a public meltdown, passersby are so quick to throw judgement citing poor parenting or even worse, reprimanding the child directly. There's absolutely nothing worse, when trying to maintain calmness for our child during those exhausting moments, than having to also deflect hurtful comments and sneers. Meltdowns for children with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing issues can be caused by so many factors and usually occur unannounced, without any noticeable triggers. Our job is to create a safe space so our child can work through their meltdown. It may look like screaming and a complete disregard for everyone else, but their little systems are just overloaded. And even for typically developing children, a skipped nap or snack could cause a meltdown just the same. Come to think of it, when I go way too long between meals I have a seriously hard time trying not to lose it. #Hangry is a thing for a reason! (Continued on Page 20) • A happy, safe and caring environment encouraging a child's physical, creative, and intellectual growth • Serving children of all abilities • Early and after care hours available Kathy Masloski, Director 845-883-5151 40 Park Lane, Highland, NY 12528 845-293-5600 228 Ward Street, Montgomery, NY 12549 AN INTEGRATED PRESCHOOL PROGRAM Learning Together, where children explore the world the way they learn best, through play!

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