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20 Hudson Valley Parent n July 2019 Instead of judging… Rather than offering solutions, give that mama and her screaming child some space. Actually, the best support you could offer is a "You got this!" In that moment, words of encouragement could truly give her the strength she needs. 4. Don't hush your child when they ask questions Melissa-Lynn says, "Educate your children that everyone has similarities and differences and it is okay. Don't hush your child when they ask a blunt question or pull them away in shame. Kids have no problem looking and asking about my son's hearing aids. I explain why he wears them, they get their answer, and go back to playing. Encourage them to be accepting and kind and inclusive." One day at the park, a little girl was trying to play with my son, but he just kept repeating everything she said. When she looked to me for an explanation, I simply said that sometimes he doesn't know what to say so he just repeats others (echolalia). This bright little girl thought about it for a moment and replied, "Oh, so it's like his way of talking," and then just went right back to playing with him. This was such a genuine, beautiful moment for us. Instead of staring… Questions are always welcome. We want our kids to make friends. We want you to know about our kids too. Just as we teach our children about the big world around them, we want to teach the world about our children. 5. "Special needs for special parents" This is a phrase I wish would go away. The sentiment is well- SPECIAL NEEDS (Continued from Page 19)

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