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24 Hudson Valley Parent n July 2019 forging her identity. "The best thing parents can do to support their child is to provide a supportive family environment, have open and honest communication with their child, talk to extended family and friends about the importance of supporting their child and use their preferred name and pronouns." Typically, it's the kids who approach the parent and come out to them, Brenner says. "Many youths would love to hear a parent leave gender assignment open for them... Our children need parents to come from a position of support and open mindedness." Olivia L. Lawrence is an editor with a news organization. She's currently looking forward to kayak season and getting out on the water. "Using they/them for a baby is frankly pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. I say 'ridiculous' because, well, first of all a baby won't care one way or the other. Secondly, choosing they/ them for your baby is still choosing for them, and that's what you're trying to avoid." KAITLYN O'CONNOR Poughkeepsie THEYBIE (Continued from Page 23) We polled our audience. Here's what they had to say about the "theybie" debate: Is it possible to raise a child without assigning gen- der at birth? 17% said yes 83% said no Only 11% of the parents polled had heard of using the term "theybie" to de- scribe a newborn.

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