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8 Hudson Valley Parent n July 2019 • Treating infants through teens, and children with special needs • Braces, Invisalign, Orthodontic appliances • Sedation with Nitrous Oxide • Fun & Friendly Atmosphere • Most insurances accepted Providing Excellent, Comprehensive Orthodontic and Pediatric Dental Care 400 Midway Park Drive, Middletown • 845-344-4336 Dr. Jeffrey J. Kim, DDS Orthodontist Dr. Yina Yoon, DDS Pediatric Dentist Take care of yourself during tough transitions Becoming a mother is one of the most intense transitions and Hudson Valley Parent's newest blogger, Ilana Charette, is no stranger to the struggle that can sometimes come along with it. Charette admits, "For me, transitioning to having two children when my oldest was almost 3 and becoming a stay-at-home mom was the most challenging time in my life. My hormones were through the roof, my body was physically healing, sleep was scarce, and it was intense." Charette says there is comfort to be found during these hard times. "Be compassionate and gentle with yourself," she says. "You are a great mom and your kids love you to pieces. Don't be so hard on yourself." When things get the hardest, Charette remembers to just focus on the important things and take care of what matters most. "You have permission to let everything else go and just take care of yourself and your baby," she insists. Charette recalls that she was taking amazing care of her babies but was forgetting to take care of herself and that took one of the biggest tolls on her mental health. "I had to feed, change and clean the baby and I had to extend that same structure to taking care of me," she recalls. "I am worth the effort and I deserve hot coffee, hot food and a hot shower." Just For Women ME TIME ! Mom, life coach and HVP blogger Ilana Charette admits that she struggled with the transition of motherhood.

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